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Beni E. Rachmanov, CEO, iShook, A DotCom Magaz's

07/11/23·Film & Animation·00:26:58


Beni E. Rachmanov, CEO, iShook, A DotCom Magaz's

About Beni E. Rachmanov and iShook:

iShook is the world's first social e-book reading and sharing experience.

We eliminate barriers to author self-publishing by incentivizing our users to share content publishing, consuming, and sharing ecosystem seamlessly connects social media with content media.

iShook focuses on providing writers and authors with the best solutions for delivery and discovery in a rapidly and ceaselessly changing INTERNET connected world. Founded in 2013 the iShook platform bridges the gap between the Writer, Reader, Content Developer and the User. We provide the average INTERNET user the ability to discover rich and valued content across multiple delivery platforms and at the same time, our solutions promote and reward the writer of that content. By consolidation of the writing community into one platform and directing user traffic to the same platform, we have created an environment to deliver more value to the reader, and monetary rewards to the writer. We have created an ecosystem that crosses all platforms and integrates seamlessly with the social media platforms of today, and tomorrow.



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