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Loaded Deck Synopsis

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Skilled undercover cop Jack dreams of finding the perfect woman. When he finally finds her in Rhonda, it turns out she’s the woman he went undercover to take down. Loving her could not only cost him his career but his life. A life already in jeopardy from the colorful crew of criminals he’s infiltrated. Sharpshooter Aces, played by Kevin Sorbo (HERCULES: THE LEGENDARY JOURNEYS, GOD’S NOT DEAD), could silently kill a man from over a mile away and has his keen eye on Jack. It’s hard to know what Clubs, played by Quinton Aaron (THE BLIND SIDE), is thinking as he only speaks in enigmatic quotes. However, he’s very protective of Rhonda and is a constant, physically imposing threat to Jack. Spades, played by Dian Bachar (BASEKETBALL, NIGHTMARE ALLEY), is a wildcard who should never have been given a gun. Neither should his genius be ignored as he’s vocally suspicious and accusatory of Jack. Then there’s the illegally practicing doctor Hearts, who knows Jack’s secret because, in a previous undercover assignment, Jack took down Hearts’ practice where the not-so-good doctor was experimenting on patients. He could expose Jack at any moment. Even Rhonda’s suspicions turn on Jack when their revenge plot on the most dangerous criminal in town, Big Deal, played by Daniel Baldwin (HAWAII 5-0, GRIMM) goes bad. She gives Jack 30 minutes to prove someone else on the crew is the snitch who messed up the scheme. If he fails, the woman he loves will kill Jack. #loadeddeckmovie #kevinsorbo #danielbaldwin #QuintonAaron megamoviesnft.com

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