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The year 2013 founder Beni Rachmanov met with cofounder Michael Yusupov. In finding a solution to better help readers discover new book reads and further connect writers with their readers. From mock development to presentation DBW (digital book world) in 2014 provided a gleaming interaction by the publisher with iShook ebook idea of discoverability of ebooks at the start of the dying age of major book retail stores. The founders in their prediction of the decline of retail book stores providing a new scheme of retail store and discoverability hence the iShook app was born. Where ebooks begin to form connectivity through social media. In 2015, the iShook ebook app has begun its evolution by understanding the need for connectivity between writer and reader. The hurtles were strongly in front of use but the pursuit was needed. The current big tech companies did not provide a solution of integration between writer and reader. (Where big tech will sell people’s privacy but never let the content makers I.E. writers engaged directly with their followers I.E. readers.) and certainty iShook was in a dilemma of being fully able to integrate its ebook app with the big social media players. Hence, iShook evolves into a social media platform with goals of discoverability and true connectivity. Discoverability of content, Discoverability of new users, discoverability of followers a rich and comprehensive digest delivered by end-user.

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